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Structured Finance


Securitization is a valuable financing tool for both issuers and borrowers facilitating the creation of alternative financing structures with lower interest rates and greater proceeds.  

The downside is, post-closing, these products are significantly less flexible than traditional financial products. Whether you are involved in a commercial finance or a real estate finance transaction, Mr. Cash's knowledge of the securitization process and its players allows him to address potential issues pre-closing before they become post-closing problems. If the unexpected happens, his knowledge of the servicing process allows him to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the modification process.

Additional services include:

  • Representation of borrowers in connection with the negotiation of warehouse facilities
  • Representation of purchasers of financial assets for securitization
  • Representation of purchasers of interests in CMBS, CLOs and other structured vehicles
  • In-house coordination of securitization transactions on behalf of issuers and mortgage loan sellers